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We know that running is one of the most practiced sports in the world today. Its followers are growing day by day and it is clear that it is thanks to the benefits that running produces to our body... and also to our mind.

Now, we also know that it may seem easy at first, but when you start to enter this world hundreds of questions arise and most may think of giving up at the first difficulty.

Luckily, you've come this far and you're about to discover some very useful tips that will help you develop the runner in you.

Warming up is a must. The classic scene: you bought your first running shoes, put on your playlist and go out into the world. Wrong! You should always warm up well, prepare your muscles for the demands of training. Whatever your age, you must warn them that they are about to get to work to avoid injury.

Follow a routine. It sounds complex - and it is! A training routine is key to improving and measuring your progress. Surely you know those who are at a more advanced level who can guide you. If not, you can always turn to an app to guide you. Most of them have free plans that are more than enough to get you started. Here is a list of the best running apps.

Don't skimp on running shoes. They are the most important tool you will use in your training as a runner. Today's technology means that we have at our disposal shoes that in other times would have seemed futuristic or science fiction. The cushioning of the footprint is essential to avoid injuries and to be able to progress without complications.

Accompany it with diet. We are not telling you not to indulge in that pleasure that gives you so much pleasure. But you should base your diet on a balanced diet that provides you with the nutrients you need to face increasingly demanding sessions.

Surround yourself with runners. One of the nicest parts of running is to share with other people who enjoy this same passion. It will encourage you and help you to improve.

Listen to your body. No one knows you like you know yourself. No app can tell you how you feel. If you experience fatigue or pain, don't hesitate... rest. A good rest is as important as a good workout.

Get over yourself. As you begin to notice the benefits that running brings to your body, you will become more and more comfortable with the demands. Then it's time to improve your times or stretch your distances. Cheer up!

Sign up for a race. You don't necessarily want to finish on the podium, but you should aim to finish an official competition. That feeling of crossing the finish line is indescribable and will help motivate you.

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